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Yorkshire Funfair Rides For Hire

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Hiring  Rides In Yorkshire

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Yorkshire Funfair Rides For Hire

Matterhorn, a high speed white knuckle ride for hire

The two most requested rides by a large margin are the Victorian Carousel and the Dodgems (or bumper cars as they are sometimes known).  Whilst everyone would like these two rides at their event the reality is that a great many smaller charity and community events cannot support either of these rides. 

A Victorian Carousel is supplied on two heavy goods vehicles averaging 7 M.P.G. Additionally they will have a staff of around 5 men to erect and dismantle them. Add to this the insurance costs, power to generate them and general wear and tear and you can see that the daily operating costs are quite significant. The dodgems are a similar sort of set up. 

This does not mean that there is no chance of them attending your event, but in truth if you have an attendance of less than 3000 people you are going to find it hard going for an operator to justify the expense of attending your event.  There is always the possibility of hiring these rides, indeed Carousel and Dodgem hire form a significant part of our operations. Some events recoup part of this cost by finding sponsors for the rides, perhaps a local company would be willing to meet part of the cost.

Funfair Rides For Hire

Childrens Rides For Hire

A range of rides including traditional Victorian style as well as the latest white knuckle thrill rides.

A more sedate range of rides suitable for a younger age group.

Misc. Fun For Hire

Funfair Catering Hire

Mobile Bars For Hire

Games suitable more for teambuilding events or parties.

Catering options ranging from single Victorian style carts to full catering units.

A fully featured bar service perfect for any event.

We offer the full range of funfair rides for your event throughout Yorkshire. These range from the traditional carousels and ferris wheels for hire, to the latest white knuckle thrill rides for hire.

All of our rides are supplied complete with 10 million public liability insurance, comprehensive safety documentation including risk assessments, method statements and electrical and mechanical safety certificates.

Supply us with details of your event and we can advise you on the best selection of rides to suit your guests and event.

Victorian Carousels for hire, when you need a touch of class
Mimai thrill ride for hire, a very popular option
ANother version of dodgems available for hire
Dodgems for hire, the most popular ride available today
Tagada, when you want something thats rough and tumble
Sizzler twist, high speed fun for all the family
Rhythm master, for when speed is an absolute must
Jumping frogs, an increasingly popular modern ride
Ferris wheel for hire, an enduring favourite
Meteorite for hire, defy the power of gravity
Roter for hire, another gravity defying ride
Closer image of one of the dodgems we have for hire
equinox for hire, one of a new breed of thrill rides

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